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Rainbow and Beyond Translations: The Underlying Philosophy

The concept of Rainbow and Beyond Translations emerged as I became acutely aware mainstream agencies explicitly concentrated on conventional, texts. In response to my observation, I decided to establish Rainbow and Beyond Translations with a clear LGBTQ+ focus. Imagine you are a gay author who wants his latest novel translated from Spanish to English, but feels uncomfortable approaching mainstream agencies due to the book’s content. That is when Rainbow and Beyond Translations becomes the ideal solution. The literary translation can be carried out non-judgmentally and any anxieties the client has can simply melt away.

It is a sad fact that prejudice and discrimination towards members if the LGBTQ+ community is still a feature of twenty-first century life. I am confident that Rainbow and Beyond Translations will play a key role in giving people and organisations a voice.

It could be said that the underlying theory of Rainbow and Beyond Translations is that our social worlds are shaped or constructed by language, some voices are silenced – others dominate. Rainbow and Beyond Translations seeks to turns up the volume on LGBTQ+ discourse with translations that cross linguistic boundaries.